How does Islamic art and architecture reflect the political, economic and social concerns of the empire’s builders?

Political: ARTSTOR_103_41822001803657.jpg
The mounted Arab soldiers depicted here show the internal Muslim conflict between the various sects, especially the Sunnis and Shiites.

Economic: ISLAMIC_DB_1039913098.jpg

Social: ISLAMIC_DB_1039913008.jpg
The photo of the rug loom portrays the domestic role of women as well as depicting idilic, lush, plants that would be in the Islamic "heaven."

religious: AWADE_10311274897.jpg
This mosque mosaic shows how the decorative styles changed when Islam outlawed the portrayal of human forms. Because humans could never be portrayed "perfectly," Muslims resorted to perfectly geometric motifs, which were often floral, due to their lack of vegitation in their desert homeland, and represented their heaven. This particular design features a medalion.

technology: ARTSTOR_103_41822001797719.jpg
This globe inscribed with Arabic text shows the Muslim's global awareness and their mathematic ability to examine the world.|imagegroup|542123||islamic20art2026gt3B20Islamic20Art20and20Architecture2036303020to20313230302028393829|fldr_415665|false|