Friday during class: Objective is to finish up your page. Make sure your sprite chart is complete. Work on finding images and examples that give everyone clear indications of civilization in your region. Take a look at the definition of civilization below. Again, keep in mind that the "big question" for the first unit is how does civilization come into being over a long period of time.

Step One: Read your section in the textbook.
Step Two: Create a detailed SPRITE chart based on the reading in the textbook. (Or PERSIAN)
Step Three: Find the appropriate images: maps, pictures of archeological sites, examples of key terms. The Metropolitan Museum of Art at has great examples. ArtStor is EXCELLENT. (Available through the library web-page.

Keep the following in mind, since this will ultimately end up driving the heart of the test questions -
Your textbook's author is Defining Civilization to include the following:

1. Cities as administrative centers
2. a political system based on control of a defined territory rather than a kinship connection
3. many people engaged in specialized, non-food producing activities
4. status distinctions based largely on accumulation of substantial wealth by some groups
5. monumental architecture
6. system of records (writing)
7. long distance trade
8. major advances on science
9. major advances in the arts

You want to be able to demonstrate these points across all of the civilizations.