This link depicts a tile floor that demonstrates the Islamic idea of Heaven. The theme of blue represents water which is scarce in the desert. People need to keep to their Islamic ideals to obtain the luxuries of heaven. These tiles also demonstrate the geometry that became popular with the rise of mathematics, science, and astronomy at the time.

This drawing of Mosgue in turkey reveals a leanring center where many men are working on new discoveries. This picture focuses mainly on astronomy as it was popular point of study with the first Islamics. Mosques had a mojor educational purpose along with thier religious and ritual responsibilities.

The writing is portraying a man who

1. Calligraphy: beautiful writing – usually passages from the Qur’an.
4. Medallions: in the center of a rug
5. People: there are pictures, but statues and images in mosques – not regular.
6. The diversity of peoples within the Islamic empire.
7. The ways in which Islamic architecture responds to the geography and culture of its region.
(The Islamic empire is really a set of fragmented, urban centers for most of its history)
8. The Great Mosque in Damascus
10. Madrassa – (schools of Islamic learning)
11. Role of women (A’isha)

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