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A (Art):

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S (Social):
  • Utilized slave labor --> gained slave labor as they conquered more territories
  • Assyrian king would decide the fate of cities captured by Assyrian military force
  • Relied On Agriculture -->the Tigris river played a major role in farming by providing them with land and water to grow their crops
  • Known for their military strength in strategy and advanced weaponry
  • Social ladder that ranged from Kings to peasants

P (Political):
  • Used a form of monarchy that consisted of a king who could only answer to people in his court
    • As soon as the king finished his term, his oldest son would take the throne
  • Taxes were collected for the king --> profits would support the monarchy and military
  • Captured regions could keep their kings if they answered to Assyrian rule

R (Religion):
  • Practiced Ashurism --> derived from the Assyrian god Ashur
    • Viewed the Assyrian king as the chief servant of Ashur

I (Intellectual):
  • Known for their literature
    • Took the cuneiform alphabet from Babylon
    • Wrote about legal issues, medicine, and history
  • Architecture --> used mud bricks and stones, palaces and temples common over the land
  • Sculptures/ Wall carvings were a form of art
    • Certain wall sculptures were used to scare away demons

T (Technology):
  • Advanced weaponry was used to defeat enemies
    • Chariots used when entering enemy territory
    • Ladders used to scale buildings
    • Arrows used for long range attacks
    • Armor used to protect soldiers
  • Conquered enemy land to gain more territory for economic purposes and slaves

E (Economic):
  • Supported military welfare through agriculture and by imposing heavy taxes on conquered enemies
  • Most professions and economic support went to the military for the manufacture of weapons and preparation of troops
  • Much of the Assyrian brutality came as a result of captured enemies failing to pay their heavy taxes

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